Elite Prairie Monsters

Elite Prairie Monsters

Silver Sky Horse

Gold Sky Horse

Silver Leaf-Hoof

Gold Leaf-Hoof

Silver Nine-Tailed Fox

Gold Nine-Tailed Fox

Elite Monsters take a lot of work to make. First you'll need to get parts from Multicoloured Monsters to make the Evolutionary Elixir. You'll also need a Diamond Phial for each Elixir. You can get the Diamond Phial from the Wheel of Fortune if you are lucky enough to land on it or for 9,999 Pearls from the Mysterious Shop. You get 1,000 Pearls from your Daily quests, so make sure to do them.

After you make the Elixir, you'll need 2 DNA from the same type of Multicoloured Monster. Combine the 2 Multicoloured Monsters and the Elixir and you have your Elite Monster... with a 1% chance that it will work. It also takes 24 hours to make.